ACORUS Detoxoset herbal tea, 2gx30


  • COMPLEX HERBAL SOLUTION – the mix of 7 herbs that are balanced to detoxicate your body and improve metabolism through stimulation of the gallbladder, liver, and kidney. Burdock root, Blackcurrant leaves, Taraxacum root, Common horsetail grass along with all the other ingredients are well known and recommended for body cleansing.
  • HERBAL TEA PROGRAM TO IMPROVE HEALTH AND LOSE WEIGHT. Body DETOX is commonly the first step when trying to improve your basic health, lose weight, or improve the state of your skin. You are ridding your body of toxins and other harmful elements to prepare it for a healthier dietary regime.
  • IDEAL HERBAL TEA FOR MAN AND WOMAN. This product fits men and women who are looking for this complex solution: slimming tea for weight loss and fat burn.
  • 15 DAYS PROGRAMME FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Maintain good metabolism, healthy hepatic, and digestive tract function. Normalize your body functions by using Acorus DETOXOSET tea as herbal support for your healthy lifestyle. Thirty herbal tea bags that will last for 15 days will be a good supplement on a way to a slimmer and healthier body.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY HERBAL TEA PROGRAM. Our herbal teas uphold the highest EU quality standards. Applying the latest technology, our teabags contain no metal elements or glue, allowing you to taste the full spectrum of the tea leaves’ flavor. EASY TO USE. Easy-to-use herbal tea bags can provide powerful natural ingredients boost, every-where you need.
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