ACORUS KETO herbal tea, 2g x 30


15 Day Tea Program

  • BULLETPROOF RECIPE KETO TEA FOR YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WHILE FOLLOWING KETOGENIC DIET. This product is made exclusively from natural, herbal ingredients: succory roots, coriander fruit, caraway fruit and wormwood herb, oregano herb. Carefully selected ingredients can help to maintain a normal hepatic and gall-bladder function and also may support a normal digestive function that together will lead to weight loss and better general well-being.
  • IDEAL DIETERS TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSS. 15 days KETO drink program is created together with KETO diet experts to assure simple everyday use, pleasant taste, and is widely included in fat loss diet among our customers.
  • KETO TEA- A PERFECT ZERO CALORIE GET WELL GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR FAMILY / FRIENDS WHILE BEING ON A HEALTHY FOOD AND KETONE DRINK JOURNEY. The simple ritual of drinking tasty tea now benefits your health as well and supports your KETO diet on an everyday basis.
  • IDEAL HERBAL TEA PROGRAM FOR MAN AND WOMAN. This product fits men and women who are looking for this complex solution: slimming tea for weight loss and fat burn.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY HERBAL TEA PROGRAM. Our herbal teas uphold the highest EU quality standards. Applying the latest technology, our teabags contain no metal elements or glue, allowing you to taste the full spectrum of the tea leaves’ flavor.
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