ALCALIA Natural alkaline mineral water 9.36pH, 1.5L


Alcalia can be called SUPERWATER because it is naturally alkaline mineral water with a SUPER high pH of 9.36. Such a high pH is unique on the market. All this is because of the place where the spring is hidden more than 1,200 m below the surface in crystal clear mountains. It is one of the deepest springs.

Did you know that your body’s pH is highest at birth? It becomes more and more acidic with age.

The basic benefit of alkaline water is to reverse acidic conditions of the body. When the body is acidic, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, are depleted faster. Bacteria can breed faster. This leads to infections, sickness and an overall stain to the immune system.


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ALCALIA® Natural, still, low-mineralized mineral water.

Contains over 1.5 mg / l of fluorides. It should not be consumed regularly by infants and children under 7 years of age.

Cations mg / l

Na + 42.87

K + 0.67

Ca2 + 3.27

Anions mg / l

F- 4.23

Cl- 3.37

SO42- 27.36

HCO3- 40.88

Origin country – Poland


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