GREEN FEEL’S sensitive toothpaste with natural turmeric extract 100 ml


Sensitive teeth often cause a sense of discomfort which truly does not inspire a broad beautiful smile. The potassium oxalate contained in the product has a double effect on sensitive teeth care: it blocks the sensitivity of dentine, reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings and has a rapid long-term effect. Turmeric extract helps reduce gum pain and risk of inflammation. The specially developed complex of calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite helps to remineralize tooth enamel and restore microscopic enamel defects for a whiter and healthier smile

Application: for children under 6 years. use a pea-sized amount; be careful not to swallow. Contains 0.25% sodium fluoride (1131 ppm F ̄). Talk to your dentist or doctor before using fluoride-containing products.

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