GREEN FEEL’S whitening toothpaste with natural hemp seed oil 100ml


Designed for a life-enjoying person who believes that a white smile is his / her accessory. The soft abrasive material in the product helps gently remove small stains on the tooth surface and whiten teeth in this way without damaging their enamel. Zinc citrate helps reduce plaque and tartar and maintain good oral hygiene. 100 % natural hemp seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps to strengthen gums. The complex of calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite, created by a special technology, helps to effectively remineralize tooth enamel and restore microscopic defects, thus helping to enjoy a whiter smile and a softer tooth surface.

Application: for children under 6 years. use a pea-sized amount; be careful not to swallow. Contains 0.25% sodium fluoride (1131 ppm F ̄). Talk to your dentist or doctor before using fluoride-containing products.

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