MARMALUZI Organic vegetable puree with parsnip, from 4 months, 90g


Ingredients: pumpkin puree* 35%, broccoli* 30%, zucchini* 15%, parsnip* 10%, water, pure rapeseed oil*. *from organic farms

Puree is prepared from pumpkins, zucchini, broccoli and parsnips grown by Lithuanian farmers

We recommend giving the puree after the main meals or at the beginning of complementary feeding.

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Energy and nutritional value 100g: 174 kJ/42 kcal, Fat 1.3g, of which: saturated fatty acids 0g, carbohydrates 5.0g, of which: sugars 2.6g, starch 0g, fiber 1.5g, proteins 1 .7g, salt* 0.01g. *The amount of salt is determined only by the sodium naturally present in it. The nutritional value may vary slightly due to variations in the nutrient content of the natural raw materials.


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