Vilniaus Duona AGOTOS 45% seeds bread, 350g


Highly nutritious, moist and hearty AGOTA seed bread. The variety of seeds provides a unique taste. The bread contains as much as 45% seeds: pumpkin, watermelon and sunflower seeds, as well as dark and light flax seeds. It is delicious to taste both alone and seasoned with your favorite toppings. In addition, a slice of AGOTA 45% seed bread can be a nutritious and healthy snack.

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INGREDIENTS: water, RYE flour, sunflower seeds 15.4%, WHEAT flour, pumpkin seeds 10.3%, watermelon seeds 10.3%, flax seeds 9.0%, sugar, yeast, WHEAT GLUTEN, iodized salt, WHEAT fiber, RYE malt, cumin, flour processing agent ascorbic acid

Nutritional value (100 g/ml)

Nutrients Amount 100 g/ml
energy value 1579 kJ/ 379 kcal
fat 23 st
of which saturated fatty acids 3.3 g
carbs 25 g
of which sugars 4.5 g
proteins 14 st
salt 0.9 g


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