Biržų Duona dark homemade bread with grains, 320g / naminė su grūdais


It is soft and fluffy, at the same time playfully crispy. Is it real? Of course, if we combine a time-tested dark bread recipe with barley, oats, wheat, rye grain and sunflower seeds. This combination is ready to become a daily source of fiber on your table.

Packaging: 320 g.
Shelf life: 6 days

  • free of hydrogenated fats
  • matured with sourdough
  • vegan friendly
  • formed by hand
Weight 0.320 kg
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Ingredients: Water, RYE FLOUR (EU), WHEAT FLOUR, BARLEY 7.1%, Hulled sunflower seeds 5%, Sugar, OATS 3.2%, RYE 3.2%, WHEAT 3.2%, Malt extract (roasted BARLEY malt, BARLEY malt, water), yeast, iodized salt, beer malt (water, sprouted BARLEY, common licorice 0.5%, hops), RYE malt, cumin.
May contain: traces of SESAME SEEDS, PEANUTS, NUTS, EGGS, MILK, SOY BEANS and their products.


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