URBANFOOD Lemon Bergamot (Monarda Citriodora) tea, loose, 15g


  • Handpicked, natural tea from our farm, with many great health benefits.
  • Tea with a lemon aroma.
  •  1 flower for a cup of tea.
  • Can be used to stimulate digestive and intestinal function.
  • Perfect before an active day.
  • Ingredients: 100% Lemon Bergamot (Monarda citriodora).

Place of Origin: Lithuania

Storage conditions: store tightly closed in a dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight because the product may discolor and lose nutritional properties.

Use: pour boiling water over 0.5 sp. of lemon bergamot flowers and leave it for a few minutes until settled.

For food: perfect for seasoning meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

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