Why The Meat Industry Is Killing Our Planet

As you may know, today Friday the 15th of March, there was a school strike against climate change. I am happy to know that the younger generations are taking action for the health of our planet. The government does play a huge role when it comes to the pollution of our Home and has a significant amount of power in regards to such matters. However, let’s not forget our own power.

We, the many, are more powerful than any government. The country IS the people and change starts within. Change starts with just one person. We cannot expect those ‘’in power’’ to take care of our planet, of our home for us. We cannot give away our power and depend on the government to change our habits and our world for us.

Did you know that the number one cause for the emission of greenhouse gases on our planet is the meat industry? Let me explain why that is. You see, animals, specifically cows, emit massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A growing population and, therefore, demand means the numbers increase every year. This, in turn, leads to deforestation of beautiful native lands such as the amazon to make more room for the animals. As well as that, the number of feed required by these animals increases too meaning more land to be cleared. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they also require massive amounts of water. All of these resources we are using to produce our precious meats are finite and becoming moreand more scarce as this habit continues. Why are we treating our meat with more importance and priority than the millions of starving people all over the globe?

Just think about all the land, crops and water we could save if we reduced meat production! A vegan, or at least vegetarian, diet is the simple answer to so many of the world’s problems today. It is the solution right in front of our eyes, which so many choose to ignore out of greed and selfishness. Now mind that I am not shaming anyone for their diet. I am simply presenting you with the information and, hence, the choice.

Here are some statistics.

This data may be based in the United States, but it is relevant in any meat producing country.

By something as simple as changing our diets, we could feed the growing population with the crops and land used up by the meat industry, save close to 50% of the earth’s drinking water, reduce harmful fertilizer use by over 90% and greatly slow down deforestation. And not to mention, greatly improve our physical, mental and spiritual health. Murder and rotting flesh do no good for the body, mind or soul. Surely, living food is more nutritious and beneficial than dead food, wouldn’t you agree?


Now, before you say anything, yes, meat is a source of protein and iron amongst other nutrients. But it is not the only source, nor the best one. There is plenty of research out there proving that humans do not need to meat to survive and that, in fact, animal based protein is far healthier for us than that derived from animals. Plant based sources have a higher nutrient density with fewer calories and none of the risk of heart disease. A balanced, plant based diet, is the way forward. Humans may have found themselves at the top of the food chain; however, hierarchy is the very thing that has led us to the destruction of our beautiful Earth to begin with. The future is equality; it is compassion, love and empathy for the Beings that share this planet with us, and most importantly, for the beautiful living ecosystem hosting us and providing for us.

There are many ways to help the planet but for the sake of keeping it simple, I have discussed just one and the most important/effective one. It is a good place to start and is not talked about enough!

I Hope you see why this change is so necessary – both for the good of humanity and the planet. We cannot simply stand by and expect others to fix this problem. We are each responsible and the time to act is now. Our every day choices, however small, make a huge difference. Do not underestimate the power of one choice, of one individual, for every journey starts with a single step. So I urge you – set aside your greed and desire for fleeting pleasure, and trade the murder of our furry neighbours for respect, Love and compassion. Trade it in for change.

Which do you choose?

P.S. Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts below. Lets discuss this in the comments. I would love to know what you think of this topic. Maybe you have some ideas of your own on how to help our environment? Or maybe you disagree. Please share!

If you do agree, please make to sure with this article with your friends and family.

As always,

Love, Light and Truth,


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