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Hello! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Agota, I am the daughter of Renata, the woman behind Nature’s Pocket, and the (non-identical) twin sister of Paulina. 

Together we are bringing an increased awareness on health into Ireland, but with a twist – a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the simple pleasures of everyday life, because we believe that treats can be both yummy AND nutritious! As a mother-daughter-run business, we are here to provide a ’Pocket’ of Nature’s goodies for you to reach into and enjoy guilt free.

What started as a single mother’s efforts to raise her children happy and healthy is now blossoming into a company, as well as a means to help your family grow happy and healthy also. It was not always easy, trying to find ways to keep my sister and I happy AND healthy simultaneously. In fact, we used to hate vegetables and all things “healthy”, as so many kids out there do. But today, Nature’s Pocket is able to make this a much easier task for mums (and dads!) all over Ireland (and perhaps the rest of the world?). Being healthy can be simple and we are determined to prove this to you. We want to show you how uncomplicated good food can be and pave an easy path for you to follow on the road to wellbeing.

We know just how important a healthy diet is. My mom has known for years, while I have been realizing its importance over my late teenage years with her help and influence. She was the one who fed me the idea of becoming raw vegan. So, at fifteen, that is how my journey began. I went from dreading the vegetables I would face in my meals every day, to falling in love with their juicy and raw, nutritious textures, almost overnight! My health improved drastically over the course of two and a half years. And although I am no longer raw, the knowledge of and love for healthy food has stuck with me and grown since.

Fast forward to 2018 and my mom and I are running this blog together with the aim of spreading awareness of conscious, healthy eating, or as I like to call it – soul food. But the main role of Nature’s Pocket is spreading the love through our natural goodies. From social media marketing and informing customers about the products, to in-store tastings, expos and fairs.. Whichever way people come across our all-natural products, the three of us lovingly encourage kids and adults alike to try (and fall in love with) Nature’s treats. We help everyone we meet to experience the magic of eating good, doing good and feeling good for themselves, to help the sweet-tooth’s of the world realize that sweets do not have to cost them their health or the planet’s.

So join us, as we reveal the keys to unlock the door to your empowerment. Lets become in touch with our own selves, with our bodies and their needs. How amazing would your life be if you were free of those aches and pains, the seasonal colds and flus, fatigue, bloating, irritating skin issues, the allergies that keep you from fully experiencing the world around you, even heart and blood conditions, etc.? (And the list continues…) Take the time to imagine, to really feel, how free and joyful you could be without your day-to-day feelings of unease. The world would be a much brighter place if we all began to feel good.

They say all disease starts in the gut. Therefore, change your diet and your health will change accordingly. So… Are you ready to feel good?

One thought on “Beginnings

  1. Rose Cleary says:

    This is so exciting Agota. I wish you all the best in this wonderful journey.
    We all need to learn and change our eating habits. It won’t be easy as this is
    all we’ve known all these years.
    Congratulations to you and your Mom.

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